Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Itching for ... Something

I awoke at 6:40 this morning, I know thats probably not note worthy news for many if you- but it's super early for me. I could not sleep, my mind was racing. You know when that happens? And you just can't quiet it? So, I got up and here I am. Why do you ask am I writing here about this... well the thoughts were exclusively "too shea".

I feel like something needs to happen, to change.  In other words moves need to be made. What those moves are I haven't figured out just yet, although I have quite a few ideas.  To keep things interesting they of course are all over the map as far as direction is concerned- but hey what else is new? Too many things we all want to accomplish and not enough time, or is it "not enough capital"- in my case I would have to agree with the latter, at least for now.  Because at this moment I find myself with what I deem to be a very rare dilemma- I have time, an abundance of it actually. I am well aware of the reality of my situation which is this time will run out and the inevitable will occur- I will have to fin d a full time job.

For those of you who don't know I have been working independently for almost a year now, half ass promoting too shea, painting murals here and there, faux finishing too. Just trying to make ends meet. And I guess where I am at now is I am ready to make a leap, it's just about which way to jump. I believe this "itch" has been building for some time, now it is here and I am ready to face it and decide.

Part of me thinks this new blogging endeavor has spurred this sudden flare of motivation, which is something I had not considered when I activated it just yesterday?!

I will leave you with some good old fashion "too shea".

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