Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BRRRRRRR November is here...

It's already the second of November how nuts is that!! I have been keeping quiet recovering from Halloween, and organizing my thoughts about my "itch" (see last post).

Well, I'm back and its freezing, OK not literally freezing but 45 Degrees is chilly, come on.
Today besides heading out to vote... thats right it's election day get out there and use your voice by heading to the polls! I am anxiously awaiting for some supplies I ordered last week, thats right new "too shea" jewels are coming. I don't know why but for the last month I have sort of taken a break from creating in that way. I think it had something to do with working with my faux finishing boss, and painting my stripes on my wall, and of course wedding plans. ( yes, I am getting hitched- next September which is WILD)

Now I am ready to roll! SO new merchandise is on the way...
Ok and as promised I am  including some pictures of my Halloween costume. This year was all about recycling- too shea is a fan of reusing on all levels when it comes to vintage beads, reclaimed rhinestones or yes even Halloween costumes!

This first picture is the original costume from 1992, told you my parents were creative. 
Thats right I am a feline from the broadway phenomenon CATS. 

And here is present day 2010. All the fur you se except the neck stole are the pieces from the original costume, including the head piece which I updated with some white. Evidently my head has not grown. :)

And lastly a close up of the make up which can make or break the look. After 4 trials I think I was close to nailing it. But my face is not in pristine condition after this. Hope you enjoy. 

too shea loves you. 

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