Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh January of Januarys...

Winter is so glum. Am I right or what?! But we all press on trying to stay of sunny mind and body, it is easier said then done. What can one do to really stay up  during these long, dreary, dark months?

My response is... Play Dress Up! Come on why not?
So January is nearly over and that brings February month of not only the dreaded Valentines Day but alas my birthday as well. Usually the celebration for this day, that  has begun to seem more ordinary and less exciting with each passing year, goes something like this... Adult pizza party at my humble abode and then off to some deserted bar in the surrounding area, where we ALWAYS get the lights turned on around 1 am. Lame does not even begin to  describe it.

So this year for the milestone of 29, I've decided to change it up and incorporate two of my loves, a reason to celebrate and dress up. Eureka!! A theme party!

Oh, can't you see it the sheer enthusiasm of my friends who loathe the 31st of October, and my pressure for participation- now forced to don the unusual in the bitter month of February!  The gall!

At least thats what I expected but on the contrary I actually have been pleasantly surprised, it seems that if you narrow down the options people are much more receivable to catching the spirit of masquerade. Who would have thought?

You must be boiling, what is the theme? the suspense eating away at you...

It goes like this: Help Shea Ring in the LAST year of her Roaring Twenties!!
Yup that decade of excess and glamour the 1920's. Talk about inspiration the fashion was monumental, the moonshine flowing and the charleston was hot.

See for yourself:

 Now the hunt begins for the perfect attire..  I will keep you posted.
I hope  maybe I've inspired you to break out that harlot red lipstick, and throw on some pearls this weekend. Beat the washed out winter with rouge why the hell not.

too shea loves you.

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